Calligraphy love for prophet Muhammad (s)
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Calligraphy for Prophet Muhammad

A Community Art Project curated by Kareem Graphy Kakkove

Two years back, in the Hijri month of Rabi-ul-Awal, calligrapher KareemGraphy Kakkove asked his social media followers to do calligraphy in memory of Prophet Muhammad and share their works with the hashtag namely #CalligraphyLoveForProphetMuhammad. The response was huge and overwhelming. From school children to accomplished calligraphy masters created amazing and marvelous images lauding the name, sayings and hymns of Prophet Muhammad. On different platforms of social media, KareemGraphy painstakingly documented more than 400 art works with the hashtag. Artists from and outside Kerala, GCC, England, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Indonesia participated in this massive, astonishing calligraphy campaign. Artists from across borders and faiths, in the languages of Arabic, Malayalam and English. In all styles and variations of traditional and modern calligraphy, by using diverse materials. Arguably unprecedented in the history of calligraphy, this calligraphic flow of LoveforProphet deserved a tangible, collective gallery space to look at to. And hence, an exhibition was organized in the year 2019, at Long House, South beach, Calicut. This was a self-funded community art project, which was made possible thanks to the selfless service of several volunteers.

The intention behind this project was to encourage calligraphy practitioners to use the elegance and grace of the art to show the love for Prophet Muhammad. As the Doha based calligrapher KareemGraphy Kakkove has been actively working to spread the beauty and tradition of Arabic calligraphy in Kerala and the Malayalam speaking world, for several years, through his own works, workshops and promotional events, this community art show was the culmination of a long, committed and passionate journey, as his fellow artists and disciples gathered at the exhibition venue.